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  Wednesday, January 20, 2010  
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 Achievements in 2011-2012       

  1. In June 2011 Tawseel moved to their dedicated office which created a separate identity for the company and gained unlimited mileage.     
  3. Tawseel is the first Newspaper distribution company in UAE to introduce handheld scanner for complete Supply and return collection on daily basis and managing the entire subscription Management through the HHT. With the introduction of this unique technology we were able to achieve the below to serve our subscribers / Clients more efficiently.  

    • Accuracy
    • Business Transparency
    • Return Management
    • Supply management
    • Availability of analytical reports
    • Speedy replenishment
    • Efficient stock management
    • Customer online account management.
    • Online subscriber's information.
    • Intimation of New / Stop Subscription.
    • On the spot management of subscriber's complaint as soon as it is logged in the Call Centre and immediate response coming back to the Call Centre with regard to the complaint.  

  4. Tawseel is the first Newspaper distribution company to introduce the GPS  enables Vehicles for both  Vans / Motorcycles for an effective distribution , control and monitoring services.

    • Accurate area / route mark up
    • Geo Fencing area.
    • Monitor real time delivery performance.
    • Effective control and monitoring system.
    • Vehicle maintenance efficiency.
    • Route efficiency.
    • Delivery consistency.     

  5. Tawseel is the first Newspaper distribution company to introduce the Area markup / Geo Fencing of each of the Newsboys and all the field staff on the Google Map.
  7. Tawseel is first Newspaper Distribution Company to receive ISO 9001 certification for their entire operations.
  9. Tawseel is the first Newspaper distribution Company to launch of the Go Green Project targeting Al Bayan & Emarat Al Youm subscribers. Our distribution team have collected almost around 1642 tons from all over UAE by reaching almost 8000 plus subscribers.
  11. Tawseel is first Newspaper distribution Company to introduce B2B portal for their publishers to view their data online like sales , standing orders , Geographical area mark up on subscription , CFD & POD details , Payment update and soon….
  13. Tawseel obtained Sole distribution rights for the newspaper & magazines – Dar Al Hayat & Laha, Motivate publishing titles, Urdu Duniya .
  15. Tawseel is first Newspaper Distribution Company to provide safety training for all our Motorcycle Newsboys by having the tie –up with Dubai Police which was conducted on 15th May 2011 which was attended by Top official from Dubai Police.
  17. Tawseel successfully completed two subscription campaigns for Al Bayan & Emarat Al Youm newspaper.
  19. Tawseel has been appointed as a Direct Supplier to all the Duty Free shops in Dubai, to all  the Spinney's outlets in UAE.) , All Carrefour outlets in U.A,E
  21. Comag (UK) has rated Tawseel at no. 22 this year   among the world best distribution company in-terms of retail sales generation.
  23. Tawseel is first Newspaper Distribution Company to arrange various Sports Events  for all their staff throughout the Ramadan month which includes sports like Football, Cricket , Badminton , Table Tennis , basket Ball & volley ball almost 400 staff participated in the event.
  25. Tawseel is the first Newspaper Distribution Company to provide Staff Accommodation to their Newsboys in Dubai in Jan 2011 which really motivated lots of staff which really brought down the staff turnover ratio.
  27. Tawseel introduced new Avaya System for their Call Centre integrated with Backend subscription system due to which operational efficiency gone up and performance measurement of each of the staff was possible.
  29. Tawseel created a separate Direct Marketing dedicated team apart from their regular distribution team to take care of their fliers / CFD distribution in Gated properties which really had a big impact on the Tawseel Revenue.
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