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Faisal Bin Haider

Executive Director – Printing & Distribution   Executive Director – Printing & Distribution
  As General Manager for Masar Printing and Publishing, he has launched the company ensuring a fully automated setup with International high standards.

Dubai born and bred, Faisal graduated in 1990 with a BSc in Computer Science from the UAE University in Al Ain. He then began work as IT Manager at Al Bayan newspaper. Faisal was the chief architect for the company’s digital transformation, from manual processes to full automation, including the printing presses.

In 1995 Faisal traveled to United States for his Masters studies in Computer Science with the University of Tulsa. In 2004, Faisal led the IT department in DMI as Corporate IT Manager; he played a vital role in providing high standards infrastructure for this organization and contributed to organizational policy regarding quality standards and strategic planning.

One year later, Faisal took his position as General Manager of Masar.

In 2009, Tawseel Distribution and Logistics has been added to Faisal’s portfolio and now manages both Masar and Tawseel. He continues leading with Tawseel’s full Automation system and achieved ISO certification.

Faisal is also an Executive Board member in DCCI Printing and Publishing Group. His role as a general secretary is to work within and outside Dubai, by acting as its representative body. He involves himself in issues of common interest of the industry and works for solutions by arranging group discussions. In addition, along with the organization he creates and updates data on the business activities of the industry. The group is heavily committed to increasing the standards of printing in the region. The annual Dubai Print Awards is a clear indicator of PPG’s initiative to reach out for a wider spectrum of print professions in the region. Masar has achieved 3 awards for the past 3 years and will continue adhering to the future International standards.

Besides from his involvement with DCCI, Faisal is also a member in the Mohammed Bin Rashid Programme for Leadership Program. After a 2 year completion, Faisal graduated in May 2010 from MBRPLD. This program, in association with INSEAD and DUCK University, is an innovative leadership program designed to develop future national leaders capable of promoting the sustainable development of Dubai. The MBRPLD Focuses on many keys of expertise such as Personal Development, which focuses on personal growth, career development, coaching, mentoring and action planning. Another focus is on management skills such as project management, business and people skills, and the third focus is on developing competencies at a personal and organizational level. In Association with INSEAD and Duke Corporate Association, Faisal along with other Government Leaders was introduced to the Dubai Opening Study Visit Program on the topic of “Managing Global Cities”. The DO study visit program took place in UK, London in May 2009. The DO study visit program has been designed to deliver to its participant’s on-ground intensive learning of managing global cities. This would enable the participants to acquire in depth knowledge of how the London Government has managed to achieve excellence in urban planning.

In April 2010, Faisal led the Green Paper Project Team from MBRPLD, a new Green paper initiative which promoted the paper recycling culture in the publishing sector which applied on all society sectors. Combining the efforts of high level of government and private sectors, the project helped raise the awareness on environmental concerns.

In June 2010, the world Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) has announced that MASAR the printer of Al Bayan Newspaper, Emirates Business 24/7and Emarat Al Youm have been awarded membership in the International Newspaper Colour Quality Club (INCQC) for 2010 through 2012. The Award achieved has set quality standards for newspaper colour reproduction which increases both readers and advertisers alike. Masar press has demonstrated to print into exacting ISO standards and reliably reproduce colour images consistently worldwide with the intended colour effect. Masar is proud of the performance of its motivated team, the good choice of materials as well as all team efforts that have resulted in completing the exacting competition with such an outstanding result.



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