Wednesday, January 20, 2010  
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Nobel Polath

Chief Commercial Officer   Chief Commercial Officer
  Nobel Polath first joined Arab Media Group (AMG) in June 2005 as Circulation Director for the distribution department, involved in the launch of AMGs compact papers, Emirates Today and Emarat Al Youm. However, within one month of joining the company, Nobel identified huge scope for AMG to launch an independent distribution company, and so, Tawseel was born.

As COO of the company, Nobel has overseen the seamless operation of the company since its inception in July 2005. Nobel main priorities as COO are to ensure the company runs in the most cost-effective manner, enhance customer service to the highest level, set up goals and objectives for team members and work towards achieving those goals.

Nobel moved to Dubai in 1983, a place he now considers his second home. He appreciates the cultural identity of the city, warm and friendly people, and the quality lifestyle Dubai offers. Born and raised in Kerala, India, Nobel holds a Bachelors degree in science from University of Kerala.

When he is not chasing targets and setting goals, Nobel is a different person altogether. Hard to believe that the COO of such a huge distribution company finds the time to experiment his culinary skills on his 11-year-old son, hit the gym for an hour every evening, and spend an hour in the morning practicing yoga, meditation and breathing exercises.

To sum himself up, Nobel says, I am a good team player, approachable and cool as a cucumber!



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